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Ceramic Clay Design Course In Dubai

1,500 د.إ


Learn the art of creating beautiful ceramics from scratch with our 9-hour short course. Our expert instructor will guide you through the process of creating functional and decorative ceramic pieces using various techniques.


In this course, you will learn the basics of ceramic clay design, including the tools and materials needed, how to prepare and handle the clay, and different techniques for shaping and decorating your creations. You will also learn about the firing and glazing process to finish your pieces.


Introduction to Ceramic Clay Design

• History of Ceramic Clay Design

• Types of Clay and Tools

• Techniques and Processes

Hand-building Techniques

• Pinch Pot Method

• Coil Building Method

• Slab Building Method

Wheel Throwing Techniques

• Centering and Throwing

• Trimming and Finishing

Surface Decoration Techniques

• Glazing and Firing Techniques

• Stenciling and Stamping

• Sgraffito and Mishima

Advanced Techniques

• Multi-part Forms

• Altered Forms

• Sculptural Forms

Practical Session and Exhibition

• Students will have the opportunity to practice their ceramic clay design skills and create their own unique pieces.

• The exhibition will showcase the students’ finished products and allow for discussion and feedback.


  •  Understand the history and types of ceramic clay design
  • Familiarize with different clay types and tools
  • Master the basic principles of hand-building and wheel throwing techniques
  • Learn surface decoration techniques such as glazing and stenciling
  • Gain knowledge in advanced techniques for multi-part, altered, and sculptural forms.

Benefits of Taking a Ceramic Clay Art Short Course:

  • Learning a new skill: Pottery and ceramics are both fun and rewarding hobbies that allow you to express your creativity.
  • Relaxation and stress relief: Working with clay can be a therapeutic and relaxing activity that helps you unwind and de-stress.
  • Socialization: Pottery and ceramics classes often involve working in a group setting, which can be a great way to meet new people and make friends.
  • Creating something tangible: There’s something satisfying about creating a tangible object with your own hands, and pottery and ceramics allow you to do just that.
  • Personalized decor: You can create your own custom pottery pieces to decorate your home, or even give as gifts to friends and family.


If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to explore your creativity and learn new skills, a ceramic clay art short course could be just what you need. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some experience with pottery and ceramics, there’s always something new to learn in a ceramic clay art short course. So why not sign up for a course and start creating your own beautiful ceramic pieces today?

Price & Duration

Duration: 9 Hours

Price: 1500 dirhams

Online and On-campus

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