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Arabic Calligraphy and Abstract Design Course In Dubai

828 د.إ


“Unlock Your Creativity and Explore the Beauty of Arabic Calligraphy with Our Training Course!”

Our Arabic Calligraphy and Abstract Design Training Course is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills in calligraphy and learn about abstract design principles. Our course is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners who want to master this beautiful art form.

“Join our Arabic Calligraphy and Abstract Design Training Course today and immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of Arabic calligraphy!”



The Arabic calligraphy and abstract design training course is a comprehensive course that teaches you the basics of Arabic calligraphy and abstract design. The course covers the history and origins of Arabic calligraphy, its development over time, and its modern uses in design.

You will learn the different styles of Arabic calligraphy and how to create your own unique designs using these techniques.

The course also covers the use of abstract design in contemporary art and how to incorporate it into your own work. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of Arabic calligraphy and abstract design and be able to create your own beautiful designs.


“Hello, my name is Ali Al Hammadi and I am a professional Arabic calligrapher and designer. I have over 10 years of experience in the field and have worked with clients from all over the world. I believe that everyone has their own unique style and there is no wrong way to do calligraphy or design. I am here to help you find your own voice and discover the endless possibilities of what you can create.”

Why take Arabic Calligraphy and Abstract from VOE?

  • We are experts in the field. We have been teaching Arabic calligraphy and abstract design for years, and our courses are designed to give you the skills you need to create beautiful artwork.
  • Our courses are affordable. We want everyone to be able to learn these valuable skills, so we offer our courses at an affordable price.
  • You will learn from the best. Our instructors are talented artists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.
  • You will have fun while learning. These are not dry, boring classes – you will be engaged and enjoying yourself while you learn new things!.


Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy
  • History of Arabic Calligraphy
  • Types of Calligraphy
  • Tools and Materials
Basic Calligraphic Scripts
  • Kufic, Naskh, and Thuluth Scripts
  • Practice Basic Calligraphic Strokes and Letters
  • Principles of Composition and Layout
Advanced Calligraphic Scripts
  • Diwani, Ruqaa, and Nasta’liq Scripts
  • Practice Advanced Calligraphic Strokes and Letters
  • Exploring Various Compositions and Layouts
Combining Calligraphy and Abstract Design
  • Introduction to Abstract Design
  • Different Forms of Abstract Design
  • Techniques for Combining Calligraphy and Abstract Design
Creating an Abstract Design with Calligraphy
  • Planning and Sketching the Design
  • Transferring Calligraphic Elements to the Design
  • Applying Colors and Finishing the Design
Practice and Feedback
  • Students will have the opportunity to practice their calligraphy and abstract design skills and create their own unique compositions.



 Overall, this course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create beautiful and unique compositions that combine the art of Arabic calligraphy and abstract design.


Duration: 4 Hours

Price: 828 dirhams

 Online and On-campus


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