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The Certainty

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Valley of experts is proud to host a spiritual workshop, in collaboration with the distinguished trainer Eng. Anas Ahmed, entitled: ” The certainty and character of the mountain”.


One of the strangest files in Biblical science will be opened in this workshop. It is a great and powerful file and a great tool that makes a person go with his imagination to the greatest creation on earth (the mountain)

About the Workshop

Main Theme

The Certainty Workshop

Presented By

Eng. Anas Ahmed


Dubai, Hyatt regency Dubai creek heights

Date and Time

08 – 09 June, 2024 /from 12pm – 5pm

Language of Delivery

Arabic Language

Method of Participating

 Online & Onsite 


900 450 AED Online
1300 650 AED Onsite
2000 1000 AED Onsite VIP
Workshop Agenda

Day One:

We will explore the story of the beginning and why did Islam start from the mountain?! What is the story of the mountain?! Does this creature have sanctity to God?!

We will go back in time to the Quranic indications about the miraculous and strange aspects of mountains and the strong relationship between the prophets and the mountains. We will uncover some secrets such as:

▪️Prophet Dawood and the story of Tasbih (glorification)..

▪️The story of Mount Tur..

▪️The story of Al-Joudi..

▪️The story of humility and cracking..

We will open great files about certainty, and delve into the secrets of certainty in Allah, and open a great door in the relationship of the mountain with the size of faith and certainty in your heart. This door is solemn and great by the command of Allah.

Here we will open the file of worship and its relationship with sustenance, and we will open the file of reception, and discover the secret of the treasures and get to know these treasures available to all humanity, the meaning of treasures, their types, and their relationship with the reality you live and the relationship of treasures with entitlement.

You will understand the idea of true worship (the hidden secret) from the perspective of the mountain within you. We will go far with knowledge that makes a person humble to these countless divine gifts that manifest to you, but you do not receive them.

We will open the file of the world of creation and the world of command, and how goals manifest with ease, and we will take the file of the righteous servants, and discover that they are the servants who possess this key only. What are their characteristics?! And how can I be one of the righteous?! What is the relationship of the righteous with the mountain?! What is the relationship of the righteous with certainty and reception?! What is the relationship of the righteous with sincerity and perseverance?! And the impregnable fortress of the righteous.

Day Two:

One of the strongest, most beautiful, and most enjoyable topics you will attend in your life, here we will talk about your particles, your true image, internal depth, and colors. Here will be the day you will be amazed by the strong connection between us and the earth on which we live.

You will enter the process of synchronizing and merging with all forms of nature, you will see the river and you will see the waterfall:

(From it gush forth the rivers) which flows from you,

You will see with your soul the shape of the mountain within you, you will soar like a bird to a high and elevated level in the greatest scene:

(Then call them, they will come to you hastening)

We will uncover the file of the colors of the spectrum and the secret of the colors of nature and their reflection on:

▪️The personality of the mountain

▪️The beauty of the mountain

▪️The trees of the mountain

▪️The flowers of the mountain

What is the true version of the mountain within you?! Can you build your own kingdom on this mountain to be one of the greatest achievements of your life ever.

Amazing secrets will be revealed to you by the command of Allah

We will conclude the course with the greatest topics ever:

The relationship of the mountain with the beautiful names and their secrets and the great keys.

What makes the mountain crack out of fear of Allah

We will delve into the Greatest Name and the name of Allah, the Unique, and the name of Allah, the Absolute.

We will discover for the first time the name of Allah:

▪️The First and the Last

▪️The Manifest and the Hidden

▪️The Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence

▪️The Self-Sufficient

▪️The Mighty

▪️We will open the door to the strongest of the beautiful names to reach the eternal and the powerful by the command of Allah.

The Golden Package (VIP)
  • VIP Seating Arrangement
  • Access to VIP Waiting Room
  • VIP Dinner with Eng. Anas (after the workshop)
  • Meet-and-Greet Session with Eng. Anas
  • 15% discount for any professional workshop in the future delivered by VOE
  • Access to recorded material up to one year
Live the experience with all your senses:
  • Enjoy the real energy and direct interaction with attendees.
  •  Seize the opportunity for face-to-face communication with industry leaders and experts and participate in interactive exercises inside the hall.
  • Experience a blend of science and relationships.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Rich coffee breaks with food.
  • Exclusive event photos.
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