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Genetic Liberation

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Celebrating the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Valley of experts is proud to host a spiritual workshop, in collaboration with the distinguished trainer Eng. Anas Ahmed, entitled: “Genetic Liberation”.


Every person in this life possesses qualities. Imagine with me that you have a Quranic tool capable of giving you the voice of instinct, which is the voice of empowerment, strength, liberation, and freedom. This workshop is the culmination of Eng. Anas’s study of human development sciences and humanitarian values in the Quran.

For Whom is this workshop?

This workshop is for every young man and woman, for every parent, for every educator, for every leader, and for every person who wants to break free from unwanted habits and negative patterns in the families.

About the Workshop

Main Theme

Genetic Liberation

Presented By

Eng. Anas Ahmed


Dubai, Hyatt regency Dubai creek heights

Date and Time

23 – 24 March 2024 /from 3 pm – 9 pm

Language of Delivery

Arabic Language

Method of Participating

23rd of March Online & Onsite / 24th of March Online Only


159 159 USD Online
249 249 USD Onsite
400 400 USD Onsite VIP
Workshop Topics

The first day, in person and online

Genetic and Gene Strands:

Today will be the gateway to opening the deepest and strangest of human sciences. You will be astonished by the peculiarity of genetic information that governs your entire life. We will understand genetic strands and their relationship to our relationship to Allah. We will grasp the concept of genetic development in habits and traits and why each generation becomes more different than the previous one. What is the divine equation for regulating your traits and genes to transform them into genes of strength, genes of gratitude, genes of capability (the internal currency within you)?

Inherited Traits:

This part covers one of the rarest topics in psychology, which we will study in the Genetic Liberation workshop. We will enumerate human traits to form a network through which you can identify the genetic trait within you or within your children’s genes. Either you liberate yourself from it and completely uproot it if it’s diabolical, or you strengthen, reinforce, and deepen it if it’s angelic (related to wealth, strength, empowerment, and favor). Here, we will learn about a magical tool that enables you to pinpoint and distinguish the root of the problem, as if you’ve stumbled upon the greatest of books that will give you insight into everyone around you in life.

The second day is online for everyone

Atoms and Genes:

On the second day, we will delve into a deeper stage of genetic science to witness our real world, the world of atoms. The atom is the constituent of genes in our lives, and when we say atom, you’ve reached the essence of the created world. Here, actions are measured on Judgment Day by atomic weight (So whoever does an atom’s weight of good). We will learn about liberating the ancestral gene through atomic liberation and other secrets that are extremely strange and powerful.

Genetic Modification:

Here begins the practical application of changing genes and inherited traits to extinguish their evil and activate the rare currency by discovering your true strength. What is the idea of the voice on the genetic printing press? And what is the effect of the voice of nature (the Quran) for a person to return to the true path that leads to the greatest Quranic words (gratitude)? And how does a person deal with all the variables, family currents, social currents, and many more?

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The Golden Package (VIP)
  • VIP Seating Arrangement
  • Access to VIP Waiting Room
  • Meet-and-Greet Session with Eng. Anas
  • A follow-up online meeting (to be announced)
  • 15% discount for any professional workshop in the future delivered by VOE
  • Access to recorded material up to one year
Live the experience with all your senses:
  • Enjoy the real energy and direct interaction with attendees.
  • Seize the opportunity for face-to-face communication and spiritual insights during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Ramadan Iftar break
  • Exclusive event photos.
Event Details


-Al Maha Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

-Dubai, United Arab Emirates,

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