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Developing Children’s Skills Using Montessori Approach

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The Montessori Education is one of the most important curricula that helps in developing children’s skills starting from the first month of their life. It works to develop the child’s senses, motor and mental skills in a fun and stimulating way. The philosophy of Montessori Education is based on the principle of the child’s freedom and independence, which helps develop his personality positively.

About the training workshop

Based on the demands of parents, we at the Valley of Experts Institute are pleased to announce a new cooperation with Montessori trainer and speech therapist Rita Al-Helou, to provide a training workshop entitled:


Main Theme

Developing the Child’s Skills: The Montessori Approach

Presented By

Ms. Rita Helou


Dubai, UAE

Date and Time

February 24 – 25, 2024 (12 – 5 pm)

Language of Delivery

Arabic Language

Method of Participating

Online and Onsite


197 USD Online

240 USD Onsite

Learn how to develop your child's skills according to the Montessori Method.

This course is intended for:

  • Parents who are waiting for their first child.
  • Parents whose children are between the ages of one day and three years old.

Taking care of the child is not limited to learning how to breastfeed, prepare appropriate food, and follow up with the pediatrician. Rather, we must focus on how to take care of the child’s mind and develop his intellectual, physical, sensory, psychological, and linguistic skills as well. We must also avoid any kind of delay or problems related to those skills.

Therefore, this course was prepared with the aim of sharing with you the most important methods and information that will give you the confidence to raise your child in the best possible way.

During this course you will learn:
  • The importance of applying the Montessori approach in developing your child’s intelligence
  • What are the principles of this approach?
  • How do I help my child be independent and what is the importance of this matter?
  • What are the necessary and basic games to develop the child’s skills (explanation and application)
  • Activities to develop children’s mental skills (explanation and application)
  • Sensory activities according to the Montessori method (explanation and application)
  • How do I develop my child’s motor skills?
  • When do I start teaching my child letters and colors and how?
  • When do I allow my child to eat alone and how?
  • Stimulating healthy and integrated growth for children
  • Stages of spoken language development
  • How do we help the child develop his spoken language at home?
  • What are the mistakes that should be avoided during the education journey?

Finally, by participating in a comprehensive training workshop, specifically designed to address your child’s unique needs, parents will feel more confident in managing any obstacles they may encounter throughout their parenting journey.

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