Valley of Experts Training Institute Al Garhoud, Dubai – UAE

About the Institute


The Valley of Experts (VOE) Training Institute was established in 2022. It is located in the heart of Dubai in Al- Garhoud area, near Dubai International Airport.The institute, in line with the vision of the wise leadership in the United Arab Emirates, promotes continuous, lifelong learning experiences, to support intellectual, scientific, and technological developments in the UAE society.VOE works closely with individuals and institutions to fulfil their professional and personal goals by unleashing their capabilities and improving their eclectic skills.

Why VOE?

The institute offers training courses, classes, workshops, and seminars delivered by qualified instructors and teachers, including (but not limited to):

  • Business Administration, Marketing, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Journalism, New Media, Social Networks, and Fundamentals of Design.
  • Islamic studies, Tajweed and Quran Recitation
  • Preparation Courses for Certified Exams
  • Education for Health and Wellbeing
  • Information Technology
Additionally, VOE offers 1:1 consultancy and/or tailored courses to clients based on corporate needs and specific requirements.
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